Why Choose Eco Warriors for your Solar Energy Installation

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Of all the Solar Energy installation companies in the UK, why choose Eco Warriors Solar for installation of Photovoltaic Solar or Solar Thermal systems?

Quality of product
Quality of installation
Quality of service
Quality of aftercare

By being ethical and professional, and by putting quality first, we at Eco Warriors Solar intend to be the best solar energy installation company, providing the best value for money.

In this section we explain how Eco Warriors Solar can provide you with the best value for money solutions, but also highlight some of the pitfalls to avoid when comparing the services, prices and products.

Click here for more information about solar from the Energy Smart website – http://www.energysmart.com.au/

We recognise that some of our competitors may offer cheaper installations but, in our opinion, some of these offerings may not provide the customer with value for money. Some of the panels being imported into this country are lookalike panels that do not have MCS accreditation. For the customer this could prove expensive since the feed-in tariff (FIT) relies on MCS accredited components and, if, after installation and payment it is discovered that your panels are not genuine, then your FIT payments will be stopped.

Some of the other components may be even more difficult to assess, such as cheaper cabling that is not UV resistant and fully weatherproof. In the short term it will work, but in the medium and longer term, problems could well arise. For components such as this, it is very difficult for the customer to tell the difference. We only install high quality cabling that is UV resistant and weatherproof.

We could describe similar potential problems with all of the components that make up the solar panel system.

We have researched the market carefully and established partnering relationships with our suppliers to make sure that all the components we sell as part of our installations are genuine and MCS accredited and can be traced back to the manufacturer through a clear audit trail.

Our suppliers are certified under ISO 9001 (the internationally recognised Quality Management System for the quality management of businesses).

High quality products manufactured by reputable manufacturers with years of experience is associated with longer life expectancy of the components, as well as higher output capability over a longer period of time. This directly benefits the customer in the short and long term, particularly bearing in mind that the FIT guaranteed payments are reliant on the systems continuing to function for 25 years. We only supply and install high quality products.

Our reputation is of great importance to us and we want you to recommend us to your friends and associates. We take pride in what we do and are genuinely interested in making sure that you are happy with your installation and its performance after we leave.

We provide a high quality aftercare service that will promptly respond to any concerns that you may have.

To provide an extra level of comfort, we are an approved IWA company. We pay for our customers to have an independent warranty from IWA that provides insurance backed guarantees in addition to ours. As part of the IWA service, they provide a website helpline and a satisfaction survey. We need to ensure that we get positive responses from our customers to ensure that we retain their approval, which is exclusive to quality companies. For further information refer to the IWA site here.

Because of our wide experience in the building and construction industry, we are used to complying with onerous health and safety standards that far exceed those that are needed for the installation of solar panels. For every one of our installations, we apply our own rigorous health and safety standards that go beyond the minimum required for our MCS accreditation.

Because of our background in architectural consultancy and building / construction industry, we have the expertise to deliver an aesthetically pleasing design and the benefits of using highly experienced tradesmen. Because of our close ties with structural engineers and mechanical and electrical consultants, we can also offer expert advice on other works that you may require.

Through our sister company Warriors Construction, we can also undertake a range of other building works to your property, including re-roofing, rewiring, re-plumbing, redecoration, new heating systems, new bathrooms, extensions, etc.